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Mysterious Legends of Ha Long Bay You Never Know

Mysterious Legends of Ha Long Bay You Never Know

Ha Long Bay was formed from ancient times due to the geological formation. However, Vietnamese people from prehistory always maintained the folk imagination and concept of "Con Rồng, cháu Tiên" origin (Dragon and Fairy Descendants)... Ha Long is also known as “the land of dragon”.

Some legends said that when Vietnamese people established the country, they were invaded by foreign invaders, The Jade Emperor appointed Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to help the Vietnam to fight.
Invaders' boats from the sea entered massively to the shore, at that same time Dragons landed on earth. Dragons immediately ejected a lot of pearls and turned into thousands of rocky islands on the sea creating a solid wall to block the enemy warships.

Enemy ships were moving fast then blocked suddenly, they crashed into the rocky islands or smashed together and broke into pieces.
After the invaders were defeated, seeing the peaceful scenery on ground, lush plants, people here were diligence, hard-working and solid to help each other, Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons did not return Heaven but stayed on earth where the battle took place.

The location where Mother Dragon landed is Ha Long; the places where Child Dragons down is called Bai Tu Long and dragon tail thrashed water rolling white foam is Bach Long Vi (Tra Co peninsula today, with over 15 km long of sandy beach).

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